Monday, January 6, 2014



Images in this Mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of "Beauty." 

This piece of art was inspired by Ms. Kiick's Art x3= U project.  Unfortunately I did not have any partners in crime to help me with this project, like the kids in her class. However I was only able to answer questions #1. I do not consider this piece of work complete, as if i had more supplies I would like to add more to it.

In the first question that I answered, Ms. Kiick asks: "How does the media influence what we do or who we become?" Personally, I believe that the media has a very strong affect on people, even at a very young age. The best advertisements determine which product you chose; a kids favorite actor/actress becomes their role model; and the appearance of celebrities become a young persons obsession to be just like them. I use generic terms, because unlike what most people think girls are not the only people effected by the need to look "beautiful." Boys also struggle with the way they look. This is something I've struggled with, looking at the people in magazines and on tv and thinking that I wish I could be that pretty or skinny. That being said, when I think of how the media influences who we become I think of the many girls and boys out there who try so hard to become like their idols. Therefore the silhouette in the mirror could be anyone. A girl, boy, kid, adult, famous or not. Everyone is influenced by the media, even those in it.

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