Monday, September 8, 2014

College Art

Guess who's taking Drawing I in college!! This girl is! :) I know I haven't posted in a while so, sorry about that. This drawing class is very fast paced, or at least a lot more fast paced then I was expecting. But so far I really like it. We've turned in two assignments already! The first one was an "eggscape," that is a landscape made out of eggs. It was definitely different from anything I've ever done. I also used a really big piece of paper, which was really hard, because well eggs are small. And also I've never worked that big before. Another hard part about this project was that we used charcoal, which I've never used before.

I'm not a huge fan of this piece, except for my deeper meaning behind it. I always liked how eggs had shells to protect them, and so I used that in my piece. There are two eggs in the foreground of this piece. They are isolating the other egg, and breaking it down. The egg in the background's protection is breaking. To me the piece is about bullying, and how isolation can feel. I hope you like it!

The second project we did this year focused on negative space. I really enjoyed this project, because we had to start out taking pictures, which gave me the opportunity to play around with my camera, which I loveeee to do. :) We used pencil for this project which I'm a whole lot more comfortable with.

I chose the top picture to draw. It doesn't have a deeper meaning like the eggs, but I love how it turned out!