Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Wow! we are already at the end of the first marking period! Time flies when you're having fun(or doing lots of work!! haha!!) I can definitely say I learned a lot in these first two and a half months!! I learned things about myself, and about art.

 I learned that I am actually not too bad at making collages, and that I really really like to make collages. So much so that I have continued to do so at home with my own photos.

I learned how to shade pictures, a trick that I had previously been completely clueless about. And I learned how to capture little bits of pieces in a viewfinder, and draw them big again.

I'm also learning how to express my self through my art. I have been taking home some techniques I learn in class, and I use them at home to make pictures that express myself.

I can't wait to continue my journey in art for the rest of the year!!

And remember to Keep Marchin' On!!! <33

~The Next President, Global Warming, and Collages~

Last year I took AP Government and Politics for my history class, so one would think I was up to date on politics. Right? Wrong! I hated the class, and did not want anything to do with politics. However with the upcoming election it has become very difficult to avoid politics. There are essays, and debate watching for History, and of course discussions in every other class. I thought surely we wouldn't be doing politics in art class too. Right? Wrong Again! The second project of the year was a collage on the upcoming Presidential election. I was nervous. First off I was still completely ignorant to most of the political happenings going on in the world. Secondly, collages???? hmm how do I do that?

But as I thought and thought about it I decided that the issue in the upcoming election that I felt the most strongly about was Global Warming. So I started my collage with that idea in mind. I started by walking around outside collecting leaves that had very defined veins. I used colored pencils to do rubbings, and create a cool looking background. Then onto transferring. I started out really terrible at transferring. I used my own photos of trees, and nature, but hardly any of them came out right. At first I was really disappointed, but as I went on with my work, I started to like the mess ups more and more. To me they represented the mistakes we make and the pollution these mistakes can make, literally and figuratively. We try to cover up these mistakes, as did I with glued on magazine pictures, and words. Then I made it personal by adding my own handwriting. Of course I added song lyrics, because that is how I speak, through the songs of others.I used the line "I know you can see all the world and the mess that we’re making" from the song Mercy by Dave Matthews Band and the line "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, Drifting through the wind, Wanting to start again?" from the song Firework by Katy Perry.

My collage in the making :)
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

~Marchin' On~

A lot of times I use song lyrics to describe the way I feel. For the past several months the song Marchin' On by One Republic has described exactly how I feel, but it has also been my Inspiration to move forward--->>>>  when I think about moving forward I think about feet just moving one foot in front of the other.

That's why I found it extremely ironic that our first project of the year was to draw still life of a pile of shoes. There I was sitting in a class I had taken, because I needed to learn how to express the way I felt, and we had to draw a picture of something that to me, represented everything I felt. 

So shoes it was. I brought in my pair of shoes that I felt I wouldn't want/need to wear in the following week or so, and then I sat there, blankly staring, wondering how to start. Over the next week I used a viewfinder to capture my picture, and then I drew it and erased it, and drew it, and erased it, and shaded it, and smudged it, and erased it, and smeared it, and finally I was finished. Except that I have a tendency not to like my art once I finish. And after all if we can always keep Marchin' On how is it ever possible to be finished something? But in the end, I let it be as it was and decided it wasn't all that bad, and I would get better throughout the year. 

So this is it: Real Life vs. My Drawn Version of the Real Life