Friday, November 22, 2013

X-rays and Band-Aids

On facebook I was asked to make a status with 9 facts about me (I still haven't done that yet...oops). First I thought I would post it on here. So here it goes:
1) I was a competitive gymnast for eight years.
2) I have been swimming on a team since I was seven.
3) I will never turn down chocolate, unless it has nuts or something icky in it.
4) I love hugs, but I hate kissing.
5) This year is my first year in college at Lebanon Valley
6) I always wear matching socks, mismatching socks make me anxious
7) When I was little I slept in my closet for three months because I wanted to live in a cave like a bear.
8) My favorite song is Marchin On by OneRepublic
9) I spent three months in a back brace

Fact #9 also happens to be my inspiration for this next drawing. I had a back injury for two years. But now it's starting to come back :( so I drew this. Enjoy:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Not broken, just cracked

Hello world! After a bit of a respit I've been making some art again. Well a lot of it actually. But for now I want to start with this one piece of art that I made. Last year Ms. Kiick helped me to learn that just because you are cracked it does not mean you can't still be whole. She taught me that there is a certain kind of wholeness to being broken; that you must accept yourself for who and what you are before you can truly love yourself. Loving myself has been a struggle for me, especially in the past year. I've felt very broken at times; more broken than I would have ever wanted to feel. Sometimes I still feel broken, but everyone does. I realized I am not the only one who is broken. I also realized, with the help of my fevorite author, John Green, that we are not broken, we are cracked and that is how we see one another. So here it is: "Not Broken Just Cracked." Can you see it?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

~Marchin On~

"We put one foot in front of the other, we move like we ain't got no other, we go where we go we're marchin' on."

Wow I can't believe Senior year is already over. In just 8 days I'll be graduating. Wow. This year has certainly been an eventful one. I honestly don't know what I would have done without art class. School in general not a place I particularly wanted to be, but I could have stayed in art class all day.  Art was and will continue to be my place of complete honesty. In Ms. Kiick's classroom I could really be who I wanted to be. I even let my bad moods show through.  My art often reflected my moods, and honestly I love how they turned out. So although life itself was a bit stormy this year, I don't think I could have had a better art class. So I want to take the time to say thanks to everyone who helped me through these past four years, and to Ms. Kiick for always being understanding, motivating, and helpful in every way possible. I will truly miss this class in college.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moving Along

This is a compilation of all my art work I've done this year. Featuring the song Move Along, by The All American Rejects.

Friday, April 5, 2013

"Fingers Crossed"
a short story based on pictures
       We sailed along the bay all afternoon. We ran along the deck barefoot.  Our dresses swished in the soft summer breeze, and our hair streamed out behind us. This is how we spent most of our days that summer; toasting our already dark skin out on Brynn's boat, The Angel. We spent those summer afternoons laughing and talking about everything, yet nothing at all.
   Brynn and I met at the wharf this summer. I had just moved to Maine from Connecticut a few days prior. It all started when I went to go see the boat races. Brynn was there with The Angel. I fell in love with the boat when I first laid eyes on it. It was a small yellow skipper, with a bright green sale. My two favorite colors. I walked along the wharf till I reached the place where her boat was docked. I was the only one hanging around her little boat, and she jumped up when she saw me. "Hi I'm Brynn," she had said. After brief introductions we stared at each other awkwardly. "Soooo Your uh racing today..." I said trying to make conversation. "Yeah I am. This is my first one. So uh fingers crossed." She said crossing her fingers on both hands. "Fingers crossed." I said following her lead. Then it was time for her to race. She didn't do too badly, placing 10th out of 18 boats.
   I sat there on the deck of her boat as we pulled up to the dock. It was the last day of summer, and our last day together. Brynn would be going back to Maryland where she lived during the school year. She only came to Maine during the summer to visit her grandparents. We were both sorry that she had to leave. Once the boat was docked we hoped out and stood on the dock together. We looked at each other. Both of us were starting new schools this year. High school. Scary right? I could see the worry in her eyes, and I know she could see the worry in mine. "Fingers crossed" we said simultaneously. It had become our motto, a good luck saying. It was something I will never forget. As I go to do new, bigger, better things I always tell myself fingers crossed. I never saw Brynn again after that summer. For a while we kept in touch through e-mail, signing off with "Fingers Crossed," but that only lasted a few short months. I miss her, but I keep my fingers crossed that maybe someday our paths will once again cross too. 

The End