Monday, October 28, 2013

Not broken, just cracked

Hello world! After a bit of a respit I've been making some art again. Well a lot of it actually. But for now I want to start with this one piece of art that I made. Last year Ms. Kiick helped me to learn that just because you are cracked it does not mean you can't still be whole. She taught me that there is a certain kind of wholeness to being broken; that you must accept yourself for who and what you are before you can truly love yourself. Loving myself has been a struggle for me, especially in the past year. I've felt very broken at times; more broken than I would have ever wanted to feel. Sometimes I still feel broken, but everyone does. I realized I am not the only one who is broken. I also realized, with the help of my fevorite author, John Green, that we are not broken, we are cracked and that is how we see one another. So here it is: "Not Broken Just Cracked." Can you see it?